I’ve heard that Georgetown is offering special consideration for the descendants of those sold by the Maryland Province of Jesuits. What does this mean?

On September 1st, 2016, President DeGioia announced that “we provide care and respect for the members of the Georgetown community–faculty, staff, and alumni–those with an enduring relationship with Georgetown. We will provide this same care and respect to the descendants.”

Any program that currently considers whether an applicant is a member of the Georgetown community as a factor in admissions will give that same consideration to descendants of those people owned by the Maryland Province.


I know that I am or think that I may be a descendant, and I want to apply to Georgetown. What should I do?

Prospective students who are descendants, or who believe they may be descendants, should reach out to This will ensure we can provide appropriate attention to your application. We encourage you to reach out as early as possible in the admissions cycle.

If you have any additional questions about the admissions process, please write to