“This is the beginning of a journey—a journey that asks each of us to understand our responsibilities to one another and that challenges us to take on the work of building a stronger community—to finding new ways of contributing to the common good, together.”

John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown University [quote needs approval]

WVLA (Fred Hickman)

July 12, 2016

Video of Georgetown President John J. DeGioia’s visit with the descendants of the 1838 sale.

Georgetown University’s work of reconciliation is guided by four themes.

Making our history come alive

We are seeking to ensure that this history is known and understood in our community. Georgetown is taking steps to memorialize, to remember, and to bring this history to life on our campus through…

Reuniting families

Georgetown has begun an effort to meet the descendants of the slaves sold by the Jesuits in 1838. We seek to help reunite families separated by these events, provide genealogical resources to them, and to build relationships of understanding and support as we continue together in this work.

Engaging our role as a university

As a University, Georgetown mission calls it to foster the formation of our students, the inquiry of our faculty, and the common good of our world. Georgetown has created new academic resources, including the creation of an African-American Studies Department for Fall 2016, the hiring of new faculty to support this new department, and the development of a Research Center on Racial Justice [link to racial justice working group].

Georgetown is also creating opportunities for campus and national dialogue through events and lectures and working with other universities (through the Universities Studying Slavery consortium) to advance our understanding of slavery in our nation.

Repairing the harm of slavery and its legacies

  • Research Center on Racial Justice/Racial Justice Working Group
  • February speech on racial justice

We invite you to connect with us

The Georgetown Slavery Archive is dedicated to reaching out to descendants, gathering their knowledge of their family histories, and telling their stories. If you think you might be a descendent and want to try to find out more about your family or share information and stories you have please connect with us here.

If you are interested in getting involved with our work, or receiving updates about our ongoing work, please connect with us here.

If you wish to make a gift in support of Georgetown’s work on slavery, memory and reconciliation please click here [link to “Support Us/Giving” page]